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Self-drive with rental car through Sichuan, Guizhou and Guangxi

2019-12-14 11:47:50

Self-drive with rental car through Sichuan, Guizhou and Guangxi

Day 1 Arrival in Chengdu

Warm welcome by local guide (you can choose the language).You will have a short health test to confirm that you are able to drive a car safely.Applying Chinese driving license at traffic police station with your passport, original driving license and health examination table.

Day 2 Chengdu

The traffic police office will take one day to prepare your new temporary Chinese driving license, so you could have a leisure day in Chengdu. Hanging out and exploring the city by yourself. People’s park may be a good place to visit local people’s life, drinking Kung fu tea and playing Tai chi. Jinli is a nice place to catch night view of the city.

Day 3 Chengdu – Yibin (331km, 4 hours driving)

Loading your travel luggage on car and you will start this trip with full fuel tank.

Heading to the Bamboo sea of Southern Sichuan province. Along the way, you will see the most fantastic dinosaur museum and ancient salt well in Zigong city.

Day 4 Yibin – Xuyong (75km, 2 hours driving)

Spending one day exploring the Bamboo Sea, this is the classical Chinese scenery. You can take a cableway to mountain top and raft in green river.

Day 5 Xuyong – Anshun (331km, 4.5 hours driving)

Driving along the highway, you will see a lot of hills with karst landform. Zhijin cave in Guizhou province has four parts: Zhijin Old Town, Zhijin Cave, Jiehe Gorge and Hongjia Ferry among which the Zhijin Cave is the most attractive and famous.

Day 6 Anshun – Kaili (270km, 4 hours driving)

Huangguoshu water fall is the biggest waterfall in Asia. Not only can you take their beautiful photos from the outside, but you can also pass through the cave passage behind the waterfall and enjoy the view from the water curtain.

Continue drive to Kaili, the center of Miao minority.

Day 7 Kaili – Xijiang ( 38km, 1 hour driving)

The Xijiang thousand Miao village is located by the valley and surrounded by overlapping mountains, with terraced fields rising along the slopes to the clouds and the Baishui (White Water) River flowing through and cutting the village into two. Visiting traditional ancient paper making.

Day 8 Xijiang – Zhaoxing (31km, 1 hour driving)

Zhaoxing Dong Village, the largest Dong village in China, is also called Qianhu (meaning a thousand households) Dong Village because about 1,000 households of Dong people live here.

Day 9 Zhaoxing – Chengyang (120km, 3 hours driving)

Visit Dong minority village, they have Dong drum tower, The Drum Tower is the symbol of the Dong minority people. There are five Drum Towers in Zhaoxing Village. They were designed by local amateur architects. The whole complex is supported by timbers, no nails or rivets are used at all in the construction. The fact that all drum tower floors are odd-numbered is derived from the tradition in Dong numerology that odd numbers are associated with good fortune and happiness.

Day 10 Chengyang – Longsheng (105km, 3 hours driving)

Spending a leisure day in hiking among the rice terrace in Longji. The linked together rice terraces vary from season to season. In spring, the water is irrigated into the fields and the terraces look like great chains or ribbons hung on the hillsides. When the onset of summer, green waves rush continuously down the mountainside from the heaven. The theme of autumn is the harvest, with the mountainside decorated with the gold of ripened millet. Coming into winter, the whole mountain will be covered with white snow, just like dragons playing with water.

Day 11 Longsheng – Guilin (95km, 2.5 hours driving)

Arrival in the last destination and return your car with the help of local guide.